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Rabu, Julai 08, 2015


First Bullet,

From Helen Ang..

DIKEMASKINI: Satu gerombolan Cina bertudung masuk masjid

Begitu MURAH SEKALI maruah Melayu pembangkang boleh dibeli !

Updated: 6.30pm on 6 July 2015
There are nine of Hannah Yeoh’s female interns in the photo below seen occupying the mosque.
Hannah Yeoh mosque visit
In the group photo below comprising 18 persons (17 youths & Hannah Yeoh), there are a further six male interns including those training in the office of the Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen. Note: The Subang Jaya DUN seat lies in the Kelana Jaya Parliament constituency.

Allowing even for a few absentees, there would be alone at least 15 interns – both female and male – during the mosque visits made by Hannah and Wong. And this number is not counting Hannah and Wong’s permanent office staff nor the two YBs themselves.

Hannah's interns

So, for the DAP contribution of RM2,000 to the mosque during puasa month, Madame Speaker brings an entourage of 20 kafir tudung wearers to stuff their faces.

This works out to roughly a ticket cost of RM100 per pax for each of the intern/DAP-PKR non-Muslim staff to gain entry into the mosque, and cheaper for surau that gets a smaller contribution of RM1,000 only.
It’s a cheap price for the DAP to pay and even cheaper the dignity of the mosque committee yang dok layan munafiqoon.

BELOW: Papa and Mama Dapster in the mosque

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Gambar di bawah diambil dari Facebook milik Lim Fang, penulis Sin Chew yang telah mengkritik Hannah Yeoh pada tempoh hari. (more…)

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